Cliffhanger Productions

About Us

A lifelong film buff, T.J. Moore decided to give a crack at making films in 1997. After a few experiments with shorts, Cliffhanger Productions was founded in 2000, primarily to make films in the style of the old Saturday matinee cliffhanger serial.


King of the Park Rangers began shooting in May, 2000 as the first full length sound serial since 1956. Though a difficult shoot, KOTPR (as it came to be known by the cast) was successfully released on November 1, 2001.

The first 3D short produced by Cliffhanger Productions came in 2006 with Tales of the Dark Avenger: Forgive Us Our Debts. 

Our second serial, The Dangers of Deborah, premiered at SerialFest 2008 in Newtown, PA. It proved to be just as popular as KOTPR.

A second 3D Dark Avenger short, The Revenge of Rocco, was released in 2010.

After losing Marcus Danforth, one of our key players, to cancer in 2011, Cliffhanger Productions stalled. But with the release of our first Amazon streaming title, the short thriller Scream a Little Dream, and our upcoming webseries Happy Hour, Cliffhanger Productions is back and better than ever!

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks
Joe Priestley

Technical Director

Kevin Jen

Financial Director

Sharon Page

Office Manager